Death's Underpass

An age-old question burns within the hearts of humanity:

“Where do we go when we die?”

No one really knows. Countless books and movies have been made in an attempt to answer this question, and even though it might seem that way, this book does not attempt to do so.

Follow Michael, an entirely fictitious character, on a journey of self-discovery, peril, and mystery through a place I call Death’s Underpass. Discover whether Michael is still alive and if everything he sees and hears is truth or lie.

‘The darkness seemed to gain ground, and my descent into the void made me feel like I had no more hope “Hope” I thought for a moment here in reality, far away from my memories, and realized that word had no more meaning to me.’

For ten years I’ve struggled with depression and Death’s Underpass is the result of those years. I would not recommend anyone who finds themself in a negative state of mind to read this novel, it might exacerbate your current condition.

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