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If you have a dream it is your desire to live it. This is my dream, my world, everything is what I imagine and build for everyone to see and enjoy. Join me here and explore worlds and people of my own, and sometimes other people’s imagination.


Every journey starts somewhere; mine began in 2007 when I discovered William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. The ability Golding possesses in awakening people’s imagination to the endless possibilities of the written arts enlightened me to a world of endless possibilities. Writing became my passion. All I dream of is instilling the same kind of ability in everyone that reads my work. Just as with Lord of the Flies, my novels will not hold the attention of everyone. They are created to entertain, bring thought to the reader, make the impossible possible, and not draw and impress everyone. 

This site has been compiled to bring my imagination to the reader, the gamer, and the explorer. I have projects ranging from a thirty-two novel Science Fiction Fantasy series to a dark and thrilling Murder mysteries; I also create games to explore these worlds visually and hopefully add more mediums to my art in the future to this site.

Come on in and explore my world. Engage with me in any way or form you like, whether it be criticism, love, admiration, or hate; it all makes me a better author and creator at the end of the day. You can engage with me through any of the links provided below or on the Contact Me page.

My Projects

Fables of the Void: Prelude

The development of Fables of the Void: Prelude is in full swing. This project is ambitious and aims to deliver an experience in story telling and mystery discovery to a new level. I am to release a demo of the game before the release of the book that follows the events of the game, Fables of the Void: Prelude. If you wish to find out more about this project read more about it under the Projects Tab or if you want to help fund the development of the game, please follow these links:


DG6 Might be the first character introduced into the Fables of the Void Universe, but the story does not begin with this tiny robot. Instead, it all starts here, Fables of the Void I: Origin. A story that takes place immediately after the events of the Prelude game.

With the influence of the Ipsimussian order dwindling, Pavel, the Grand Master of the order, seeks a mysterious power contained within an artifact destroyed in the not-so-distant past. Its fragments scattered across Dessix have been eluding him for more than two hundred years. Locked away in his Citadel, away from all civilization, he hopes to gain this power to restore order in the galaxy once more.

Coming 26 November 2021, place your pre-order now!

Death's Underpass

Death’s Underpass is my debut Novel and it is available on the Amazon Kindle store and it is available in paperback form. Head on to the Store tab and follow the link to Amazon to grab your copy today!

My World at a glance

Every project I undertake, I do so with passion. From stand-alone novels to my thirty-two book Fables of the Void novels, to games, videos, tutorials, blogs and so much more, I strive to do it to perfection. With every step I take I learn something new, I explore something I never imagined I would, I discover my short-comings and build upon my experience to improve everything I present to you!

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